Sunday, November 05, 2006

Checking in on the comments this afternoon, I found a very nice note from a new reader, which I think deserves some attention, especially given the most recent assault by the Donks, and John Kerry in particular, on our soldiers.

Thanks Right Wing Rocker for your service and website! Very cool website I found just this morning! Thanks!

I am working to boost morale through increased voting unity at my website and thought you might find it of interest.

Please check out when you can and thanks again for your service and sacrifices! God Speed!

Average Joe Boomer
As for my service, it needs to be known that this blog is the closest thing I've done to laying my life on the line in the military. I have not served in the armed forces, though I would gladly do so if it became necessary (though I doubt they'd want an overweight 39-year old with two bad ankles). For now, family and career matters must take precedent. Still, if standing up for the United States military counts as "service", it's a service I will gladly provide.

Welcome to the RWRepublic Joe. I hope you will become a regular reader.

I've checked out Joe's website. Stop by and support his cause if you can.