Going MAD  

Monday, December 11, 2006

Lady Heather recently brought up the fact that you just don't see MAD Magazine on the newsstands any more. Well, you can find it if you know where to look. I found MAD #472 today and grabbed it for myself ($3.99 - CHEAP!).

I'm having a great time reading it. Here's an excerpt:

The Answer MAD

For our latest installment of this wildly popular and fiercely involved feature, we turn to the pages of XXL magazine and answer one of their letters as it should be answered!

I just received my August issue, and I went straight to the Eye Candy. I must honestly say, Akira, you are a beautiful Black woman. And you do have a little junk in yo' trunk. I hope you accomplish your future goals. But still, my beautiful Black queen Maliah is still holding it down for 2006 XXL Eye Candy from every angle.

B.J., Compton, CA

B.J. - We took the liberty of passing your letter on to Akira herself. turns out, she's into you, too! Apparently, even though she's a video girl and a professional model, you were the first one to ever notice she was attractive. Amazingly, one of her "future goals" is to date a creepy loser who sent her a love letter via a magazine. Your attention to detail and honesty have really paid off! We just hope Maliah can pick up the pieces of her life and move on! - Ed.

That's some seriously funny shit!

You can check out MAD's website here.