Obama is a Shitweasel  

Monday, December 11, 2006

HS BethW has put up a gem today. She trashed Barak the Schlock for saying the following:

He acknowledges that there are people who will not vote for him because of the colour of his skin, but as he points out, the same people would probably not vote for him because of his politics.
Mr. Obama, if these people would't vote for you because of your politics, what the fuck does it matter what color your skin is? I, for one, and fucking fed up with these Democrats who want to paint Republicans and other conservatives with this racist brush. The Donks are the ones who oppress groups of people by giving them victim status and then seeking to keep them there with their stupid moronic, and fucking idiotic socialist progams that are not only unconstitutional, but would stand less of a chance than a snowball in hell of achieving their objective.

Hey Osama, how many times did you refuse to vote for a candidate because he was white or asian or jewish? Hmm? I'm not saying you did or didn't, but it's pretty fucking clear that you think and care about this shit a whole lot more than I do. For your fucking information, I'd probably fall all over myself to vote for J.C. Watts, especially over Hitlery's sorry fat ass or, for that matter, yours. In fact, Watts would have my vote over just about any Democrat of any race or any religion. He's a few thousand times better a candidate than you or your bitch friend from Chicago ArkansasNew York ("Oh yeah. I've ALWAYS loved the Yankees!" - if only the White Sox fans she grew up around would have known that, they could have saved us a heap of bullshit).

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, dickweed. Americans are SMART. That's right asshole. They're SMART. And they can tell when you're trying to garner support for yourself based on your race. What you are really saying when you say the above is, "Hey look at me. I'm black! So vote for me because I'm black! Never mind my positions on issues. What's important is that I'm black."

That's right Mr. OsamaObama, I'm accusing you of racism here on this blog. Blatant, transparent, inexcusable racism. You are a fucking racist pig, and you're just as bad as any active member of the Ku Klux Klan. I defy you or anyone else to show me otherwise.

In the meantime, you can fuck off and go to hell.