How I Got Started Blogging  

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I have my doubts as to whether anyone really cares about this, but at some point, I think it would be inevitable that I'd get around to posting about how I became RightWingRocker. So here goes ...

It was a few years ago ... 2004, when I started to look about the internet for interesting and funny websites with a conservative twist. "" was one of the really good ones. It's gone now, but from there I found The Rottie and Little Green Footballs. I later found John Hawkins.

I set up a site of sorts in January of '05 - largely to counter the efforts of my nutty cousin, who was working for one of the pinko-commie websites that are out there trying to plunge us into socialist armageddon. Nothing fancy, just a poll or two and a bulletin board. Stinkin' site kept censoring the really fun stuff, though. It was grotesquely inadequate.

One morning, on my way to work, I was listening to the local talk radio station, and one of the guys from IraqTheModel was on. He mentioned his blogspot address, and I wound up looking into what it would take to get set up there. I was astonished to find that there was NO cost involved. If it's free, it's for me, so I went ahead with it.

I loved the ranting style that the Emperor has become known for, and the clarity of purpose John Hawkins always presents, so I went ahead with a ranty no-holds-barred style that I hoped would be fun to read. Hell, I enjoyed it!

I will admit that I was a bit surprised at the rapidity with which I was attracting trolls, but I was up to it. There were a few friends who were always around in a pinch, as well (see "The RWRmy").

I chose the name RightWingRocker because I was working as a guitar technician for a 60's tribute band, even though my own personal tastes are considerably more varied. A few months into my venture I discovered that there was another RightWingRocker out there, but that he had been silent for some time. Since I was never approached about it, I didn't sweat it. By then I was a lot bigger than he had ever been, anyway.

The blogger that most inspired my getting involved in the blogosphere was without question Emperor Darth Misha I. Any time I move into rant mode, I always try to make it something that he would be proud of. He is definitely the very best at it. Since I have no real "blogfather" who got me started in blogging, I have always considered The Emperor my blogfather because of his influence.

I did have a friend (and still do) who was very strong in his own conservative opinion, much more conservative than even myself. You see him often in the comment area here at the RWRepublic. It wasn't too long before I was able to get The Old Sage involved in blogging. He's usually content to simply comment here, but he does post from time to time over at Rocker and Sage.

And so you have now had a chance to check out a brief history of the RWRepublic. I hope you've enjoyed it.