Moonbat Monitor Says it for Me  

Monday, April 16, 2007

I didn't hear Imus's bullshit.

I brushed off Jackson and Sharpton's bullshit as well. Let's face it. It's not news when those two hypocrite shitheads go out and bitch about someone saying something racist. They do it all the time, and then they turn around and advocate the same kind of racism they decry (only against white people). Yawn.

Still, I went ahead and read Moonbat Monitor's rant on the subject. He's right on every point he makes. This was the best point of the piece:

I do however have serious issues with the two media whores that led the charge to get him canned. Both Sharpton and Jackson have spewed as much racist garbage as Imus has over the last few decades, so who in the hell gives these two race-pimping punks any moral authority to call for his firing. And better yet, why are there shows on the air? Why is no one calling for them to be fired? Why aren't sponsors pulling ads from their shows?
* Imus is an idiot so canning him is, well, a non-issue - check.

* Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are a couple of racist media whores - check.

* "Gangsta" rappers routinely include this language in their work and consistently get a pass - check.

* Heterosexual white males are discriminated against with regard to these matters - check.

* It's possible that firing Imus was a wrong (though obviously irrelevant) actioin - check.

I'm with you MM on this one. I hope we can finally get America to face the fact that racism is occurring as much, if not more, against those who are being called on the carpet for racism.