RantingFox on Guns and Drugs  

Monday, April 02, 2007

In her post today entitled Back to Reality, Ranting Fox has hit on some very important points.

I really dont understand Chicago’s fear of guns. You outlawed them so that gun crime would go down… when it skyrocketed, because now only people who already break the law have guns. And you have an unarmed civilian population, which frankly gives the thugs the power.
Why is this a surprise? Lawmakers who make laws like this are breaking the law themselves when they do so. Ever heard of the Second Amendment???
Has our modern effort of prohibition worked at all either? Other than empowering the government to regulate everything we may or may not put in our bodies? And giving invasive powers to the state to track activity? And funding gangs, rotting our cities, and all that?

Why are drugs illegal? Seriously. Why?
They are illegal because people bitch to their lawmakers, who in turn violate the rights we are all endowed with by our Creator because the voices of some ignorant Americans gave them the power to do so. I used to support the drug war. Every day, I see its failings grow and grow. It will eventually end, just like prohibition did. It's not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

I posted the following in the comment area:
Now for the big question:

Why do lawmakers have a problem with following the laws that govern what laws they can and cannot make????????

THAT is what we, as Americans, should be asking ourselves.
And it's high time we did - and loudly enough for all to hear.