Civil War in Iraq  

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Well it seems Freder_Frederson finally got his civil war in Iraq.

Too bad for him it's just terrorists fighting each other over something neither of them really controls.

Yup, the Shi'ites have been hanging in there in trying to establish something that may resemble (on some level) a free nation, and the Sunnis and al-Qaeda have obviously been so frustrated with their resolve that they've taken to fighting each other.

Who was it that said they wouldn't advocate the US sending soldiers into Iraq for purposes of containing a civil war? I say just get everyone else out of the war zone and let the terrorists all kill each other - then drop a bomb on those that are left. For a civil war that was supposed to force us to turn tail and run, this is really awfully funny. They're saving us billions of dollars in ammunition and countless lives. All in the process of annihilating themselves so that we can achieve our victory with them doing all the work for us.

Somebody please pass the popcorn.