Keep Your Head Up, April  

Monday, July 30, 2007

My recent post, in which I explained what the Donks were REALLY saying when they said certain things, brought forth some commentary from a newer reader who came to us via Moonbat Monitor's blog.

"Progressive". So, is that the ne politically correct way of saying America hating, socialist, f**k the Constitution, I'll change the laws to suit my nanny state ideas, do it my way or else, liberal? And will we be charged with some kind of 'ism' if we use the L word now?

April is pretty much always right on point. I often wonder why I don't see a blog out there with her name on it. Maybe she has one and I just don't know about it. I responded as follows:
That's the new word, April. You're right on top of it, as usual.

HAHA ... Yep. Do we get to pick which ism? Make mine Catholicism. It's just too provocative and right to pass up!

Go Benny!


I had to have a little fun! Any why not Catholicism? Sure beats socialism, liberalism, communism and, of course, progressivism. April didn't seem consoled:
The fact that I'm on top of it makes not a whit of difference. The left has taken over this country by changing the laws over the past thirty years to suit their agenda, and my voice (and the majority of Americans') has been sufficiently stifled. Who's Benny?

Again, she's right on point, mostly. The Left hasn't changed the laws per se to suit their agenda. What they've done is ignored and usurped them, particularly those laws that impose limitations upon what powers they may have once elected to office.

After I submitted and re-read my response to this, I realized that there were some really important points in it (which I believe warranted creating this post):
Ahh ... Forgot you're new here ...

"Benny" is my nickname for Pope Benedict XVI. Most people don't have any idea of the influence he had in the administration of JPII. He was the perfect choice at the time, and will certainly prove one of the great leaders in the history of the church, despite the size of the shoes he now must fill.

The Left's assault on America started long before LBJ. It's only since then that people have noticed. Your voice is important, April, because without it, the voices of the true Patriots in this country would be further silenced.

This is the one positive I see in the Ron Paul candidacy. He's brought out a bunch of conservative voices that have avoided participation for decades. Even though his chances of winning the primary or the general election are less than nil, his conservative voice (and that of his following) is a strong magnet pulling the debate in its proper direction - the Right.

Though I sincerely fear a Schlock or Hitlery presidency, I know in my heart of hearts that the conservative movement has the upper hand in this election, just because of the power of the conservative voices shouting to save the freedoms the Left would force us to surrender.

There's a reason the Right is called the Right. And it has to do with more than just the direction.


Of course, it was only fair that I let her in on who "Benny" is. After that, a brief history lesson. The assault on the Constitution began in earnest in the early part of this century when FDR tuned the Constitution on its head. Those of us who adore and respect President Lincoln have to shoulder a small part of the blame for this, due to his doing the right thing for all the right reasons but without the real authority to do it (freeing the slaves). FDR simply applied that concept to his belief that implementing socialism was the right thing to do, and that his intentions were good, even though he had no authority to do it.

Still, two wrongs don't make a right, and there's a BIG difference between releasing people from slavery that they never should have been forced to endure and forcing an entire nation into government servitude simply because its people are having difficulty on the economic front.

April's voice, like those of Moonbat Monitor, MrMinority, Emperor Misha, and others, are necessary for the defeat of this onslaught of socialist extremism we face today. We simply cannot have her voice go silent like so many have. We will need every conservative to stand firmly against socialism in the coming election cycle, as Hitlery does have a shot, and a big enough one that we cannot afford to stand by aloof.

I also refer to the Ron Paul candidacy. This is a very important reference, as Ron Paul is a very important candidate in this race. While I stand a better chance of throwing a snowball from Philadelphia to Hitlery's home in Illinois, Arkansas, or New York (pick one - I can't reach any of them from Philly) than Mr. Paul does of winning the primaries, he and his following are serving an EXTREMELY important purpose - FORCING THE DEBATE TO THE RIGHT.

Say what you want about the nutcases that actively support Mr. Paul. Lord knows I've said plenty here at the RWRepublic, but make no mistake about it - these people are not going to go away just because their candidate loses the nomination. They've been a silent but frustrated lot, and now they are returning to activism. That means more conservatives involved in the discourse.

That can only be a good thing, even if some of them toss their vote to the Libertarian Party (which isn't necessarily a bad thing as long as there's a corresponding siphon party on the Left having the same effect). Most will support the winner of the Republican primary, given the fact that they, through their candidate, had the real and fair opportunity to influence the party's direction, and will continue to do so in the future.

That's why I say conservatives have the upper hand. It's not in the bag by a long shot, but we do have the upper hand.