New Laughs from the Sheehag  

Friday, July 13, 2007

I take a little break from the action and guess who shows up on the scene??


(big surprise ...)

I was going to announce on July 10th (my 50th birthday) before our Journey for Humanity that I would run against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) if she didn’t put impeachment back on the table before our tour reached DC on July 23rd. Impeachment was never hers to take off the table as it is a Constitutional remedy for BushCo, not an optional smorgasbord choice. However, the story was leaked to the AP and we couldn’t keep the big announcement under wrap (Not edited - RWR)
Ahh. Running Against Pelosi. Yeah. Yeah. We've all heard that before.


Trouble is, Sheehag wouldn't know Pelosi's Constitutional duty if it came up and punched her square in the face (hmm ... that's a thought ...). I'm not even sure Pelosi would know her Constitutional duty under the same circumstances.

Did anyone really believe this idiotic bucket of laughs was really going away just over a month ago when she said, "I am going to take whatever I have left and go home." I sure as fucking hell didn't.

So now it's time for all of us to strap in and watch as Nanci Pelosi and her ass-pal Cindy Sheehag face off in what should be one of the best Donk-on-Donk catfights thus far in history. It just doesn't get any funnier than this.

Oh yeah. Sorry. Forgot that having said catfight result in a conservative win - hell, even a Republican win - in the election for Pelosi's House seat would make this one of the funniest things ever to happen in American politics, bar none.


h/t to John Hawkins for the link.