Why I was Silent on the 4th  

Friday, July 06, 2007

There was about the usual traffic here at the RWRepublic the last couple of days. I'm sure that many readers wondered why a patriot such as myself would have been silent on such a momentous occasion.

Truth be told, I had big ideas. That is, until I saw the morning newspaper. Then I was angry, and didn't want to rant on America's most important national holiday. My own beloved home state's legislatures, who have plenty of money to throw at their favorite little idiocies, can't afford to give special recognition to signers of the Declaration buried in the state.

Granted, some of these men were Quakers and would find elaborate decorations of their graves objectionable, but to say you're not going to honor these men because you don't tax the people enough is a sham. As far as their religious objection to honoring them in this fashion, why not simply create a historic center in their honor in their hometown?

It's bullshit, plain and simple.