The Clintonesque Mitt Romney  

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Remember back during one of the Bill Clinton campaigns, ol' Bubba spoke of how he had watched black churches burn as a child, even though there was no opportunity for him to do so?

So much for Mitt Romney's "front-runner" status. He's all the liar Slick Willie was. Yeah, sure. He watched his old man march with Dr. King. Believe that, and I have some oceanfront property in Colorado to sell you.

Look. We had eight years of this, and voted out two more Democrats who were prone to this sort of lying. There's a reason for that. We saw where it got us the first time, and paid the price for re-electing the crook. So certain were we that we didn't want that, we elected a straight-shooter of a Republican, knowing full well he wasn't the conservative we needed - pretty much because he told us the truth. Say what you want about George W. Bush; he told us what he'd do, and he delivered.

I hope America sees this for what it is and hands this idiot his walking papers. Republicans, PLEASE do not put me in a situation where I have to vote for this clown just to keep Hitlery out. Keep the pressure on for the only conservative with a chance - Fred Thompson. Thank God he's getting some new momentum. Idiots like Romney only hurt Republican credibility by showing the useless liberal side of the party.