Great Satire: "Loyal Democrat"  

Saturday, February 23, 2008

OK. I've been had. Boy was it fun, though. Still, there are many out there who would simply agree with the positions taken by "Loyal Democrat", a satire troll I came across tonight, and figured I had better respond here, since a lot of what I was reading was the kind of crap you hear from a typical Obama supporter. I even started to work a post on this guy's comment, and when I figured it out, I couldn't help but laugh myself nearly SICK. Instead of rewriting the post, I'll let you see the post as it evolved


The Internet is afoul with them. For all their talk of "hope", they're full of hate, especially for America. We judged Ron Paul to some degree on the looniness of his supporters, so BaracKarl ObaMarx's supporters' words should be analyzed with equal vigor. The hate and lies fly with such wild abandon, even Bill Clinton must be wide-eyed in astonishment with his mouth agape.

After John Hawkins accurately showed all the reasons that Michelle Obama was full of shit when she made her "hope is making a comeback" remark, we got this example in the comment area that followed:

Obama is right - America is rotten.
Michelle Obama is right in stating that there has been nothing to be proud of where the United States is concerned.
For the real laughs, check out the reasons:
We operate a capitalist economy that exploits workers for the benefit of a handful of greedy CEO's. We charge citizens for essential items such as food, clothing, and housing. And we have a tax system that makes the poorest citizens pay all of the taxes while rich and corporations pay none.
Capitalist economy - Good thing.

Handful of greedy CEO's - These people use the very regulations of the very big government this idiot advocates to eliminate or stifle their competition, keeping small competitors out of the picture entirely. Not a good things, but a direct result of the things this fool advocates.

Charging citizens for essential items - Well, yeah. It's called producing these things so that you can purchase the same for yourself.

Tax system that makes the poorest citizens pay all of the taxes while rich and corporations pay none - This is an outright lie (or more likely the guy's just an indoctrinated idiot). Truth be told, in 2001, the top quintile income bracket paid 65.3% of the total tax bite, with the top 10% shouldering the majority of that burden at 50%. More than a fifth of the money collected was paid by the top 5% (22.7%). The poorest Americans paid 1.1%. No matter how you try to bullshit me, with the poorest Americans paying just over one percent of the taxes collected, you aren't going to get me to believe that "the poorest citizens pay all of the taxes" or that the "rich pay none". Corporations have never paid taxes, and never will. It's impossible to tax them. If you can't figure out why that's the case, then you've never tried to run a business.

From here, we get further proof that this person has no clue whatsoever what he is talking about:
America has been shameful in that while being rich, it still refuses to give its citizens free health care, free education, sudsidized housing, guaranteed wages, job security, cheap food and energy, and all of the other things promised in our constitution.
As if ANY of this is promised in the Constitution. How about the rollbacks of rights actually guaranteed in the Constitution: John McCain and Russ Feingold's assault on First Amendment rights (which ObaMarx openly supports on his website), every gun law ever written, Kelo vs. New London, and on and on? America has never been about handouts. It's about standing on your own two feet. You should try it sometime.
We need the Obama's in office, for only they have recognized that the United States is the worst country on the globe.
See Hawkins' article for your answer to this, dumbass. While you're at it, why not move to one of those countries that you say is so much better? No one's forcing you to stay here.
With the Obama's, we can change from this capitalist society and become a socialist paradise where every citizen works for the betterment of their neighbor.
Yeah, ok. A socialist paradise like oh, maybe the Soviet Union? Nazi Germany? Cuba? If every citizen would just work to better himself instead of demanding that others do it for hin, America would be an even better place than it is. Oh yeah, and we need to kill the socialism that we already have.
The Obama's will help us change into the nation that once again honors the part of our constitution that dictates, "From each according to his means, to each [according] to his needs".
Now I have to think that this guy is trying to do what we did here a couple years ago, when we quoted the Soviet Constitution as our own trying to see who would figure it out. Of course, our Constitution doesn't say that, either, and if this guy isn't a satire troll, he's full of more shit than the sewers in good ol' DC.


(At this point I clicked his blog link ... )

OK. He got me. I just visited his link, and this is DEFINITELY a satire piece. Here's a quote from his blog, which is at TOWNHALL:
The status quo has the United States as a capitalist, secular nation. In contrast, the world would prefer us as a socialistic Islamic nation. Since our primary focus should be on getting along with the rest of the world, it only makes sense that we should transform into the type of nation that others prefer us to be. Socialism and strict Islamic law have always proven to be popular with people, so we should do what the world wants and convert to such an entity.
That's something I don't even hear from the most nutty of Obama's cult following. I'm going to read more of this guy's stuff. Might give me some cool ideas for my next incursion into the "Leftosphere".

So, what started out as a post about the lack of patriotism in the nutjobs on the Left turned out to be yet another great opportunity to laugh at myself - something we ALL should do more of. I hope we were all laughing together tonight.