McCain's Virtues?  

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dick Morris brought to the fore this week a long list of lies that have been presented to us by Hitlery Rotten Clinton. He was right on the money with most of it - and I'll be saving this list of whoppers for reference purposes, but his Republicanism got the best of him in his comments about Johnny McShithead.

McCain's virtues require a contrast in order to stand out. His strength, integrity, solidity and dependability all are essentially passive virtues, which shine only by contrast with others. Now that Obama and Hillary are offering images that are much weaker, less honest, and less solid and dependable, good old John McCain looks that much better as he tours Iraq and Israel while the Democrats rip one another apart.

It took Nixon for us to appreciate Jimmy Carter's simple honesty. It took Clinton and Monica for us to value George W. Bush's personal character. And it takes the unseemly battle among the Democrats for us to give John McCain his due.
Now ain't that the good ol' politician coming out? It takes an unseemly battle among loser Donks to give John McCain his due?!?!

This is the way Hitlery looks at her candidacy. She's the anointed one - the next in line. It's time for her to have her due (the presidency). John McCain's due is an airline ticket back to Arizona with a request for his retirement, and I don't see that happening any day soon.

This "unseemly battle" that the Donks are having provided Republicans with a unique opportunity to provide true conservative leadership. They failed. Not we, THEY. I didn't cast a vote for that fool.

Morris also misses the point about why McCain is doing so much better in the polls (complete waste of time, but I'll comment anyway). He says the reason he's doing better is because their foolishness is calling attention to his "virtues" (you know - the virtues that brought us McCain-Feingold, McCain-Lieberman, and McCain-Kennedy) and providing contrast. Well, Mr. Morris, I'll call bullshit on that one. There's one reason and one reason only that McCain is polling better than Hitlery or B. Hussein Obama ...

He's keeping his monkey-trap SHUT.

Of course, this is probably the wisest thing McSchweinehuet could do, so kudos to him for that. But to say he is any more virtuous than the other two liberals in the race just because they're engaging in a Donk slugfest isn't going to be getting any hell yeahs around here. Just because it makes them look almost as bad as they are, it doesn't make him look any better.


(h/t to Hawk for the link)