Obligatory Spitzer Post  

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ok, so Eloit Spitzer got busted paying for play. So fucking what?

I'll tell you so fucking what. The guy was out busting prostitutes. I honestly couldn't give a rat's ass if the guy was out paying for pussy - laws against that are stupid, and if Rush and Hannity want to disagree with me, they can go right ahead. It may be an issue for them, but it is not for me.

There are two real issues where this guy is concerned:

(1) If this guy really wanted to, he could have easily advocated abolishing the prohibitions in his state with regard to prostitution, thereby getting the New York State government out of the business of regulating people's sex lives and lessening the government's interference in their business matters. Instead, he greedily enforced these laws while simultaneously violated them, bringing disgrace upon not only himself, but also upon his family and the State of New York.

(2) If Spitzer were a Republican, you'd see news reports galore connecting every incumbent and office-seeking Republican to his crime, whether they had anything to do with it or not. Instead, we get the usual hypocrisy of the MSM. If the perp is a Democrat, it's a personal matter. If he's a Republican, the future of the Nation and the world is at stake.

You fucking morons can't have it both ways. Typical liberals.