It's Time  

Friday, April 04, 2008

It's Time.

It's time for America to stop following those who seek to tear her down, whether inadvertently or deliberately.

It's time for America to stand as a nation of proud individuals instead of victimized groups, and to stand up and restore the rights with which their creator endowed them, and which are protected by their Constitution.

Such is the state of America today. We face a ruling class which seeks to control people and their lives by pledging to take care of them in ways that it cannot and should not, and by doing for people what they can and should do for themselves.

When America told its ruling class that it did not want "universal healthcare", we did not mean we wanted some other intrusive federal government program in its place. Instead, we wanted the government out of the healthcare business, where it has been for far too long, causing an artificial rise in the cost of healthcare that has made it impossible for anyone without insurance to afford it.

When America told its ruling class that it wanted better schools, we did not mean that we wanted more control of the schools by the federal government. Instead, we wanted our leaders to take a stand in favor of each child's education being exclusively in the control of his parents instead of the ruling class in Washington, DC and our state capitols.

When America told its ruling class that the current level of taxation is too burdensome on the taxpayers, we did not mean that we wanted a small refund of some of what we had paid in taxes. Instead, we wanted real tax cuts and simplification of the tax code.

When America rallied behind her president in his efforts to "take the battle to the terrorists", we did not mean tearing down a couple of terror-sponsoring dictatorships for the sole purpose of fighting terror on their soil. Instead, we meant eradicating terrorism by taking the battle to more terrorists - where they lived, including those terror-sponsoring dictators who are still alive in their respective capitols.

The list goes on. The America envisioned by our Founding Fathers has been replaced by one in the image of such unamerican philosophies as those advocated by none other than Stalin, Castro, Hitler, and even Karl Marx himself.

Our Constitutional republic's structure has been usurped at all levels and branches of government. The abuse of the powers of the Congress to create laws and programs in the ways of socialism have caused its legitimate duties to be performed by other government entities. Taxes are collected by members of the executive branch, for example, and the judiciary creates law. All of this with the blessing of Congress and, seemingly, the people.

When a long train of abuses and usurpations such as this, pursuing invariably the same socialist Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is the right of Americans, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security; but the Constitution itself provides its own safeguards against such behavior, provided its provisions are followed and its law obeyed.

The Democratic Party has a long history of such usurpations and abuses, and has demonized its opposition at every turn to the point that the Republican Party simply rolls over, seemingly out of fear of rejection, and goes along with the socialists' plans, attempting on some level to appear concerned for the preservation of Constitutional law and order. Meanwhile, in its complacency, the Republican Party has become, at best, a group of accomplices to the crimes of the Democrats - at worst, a group of willing ones.

The Democratic Party's presidential candidates are among history's worst offenders with regard to these abuses. In response to their choice, the Republican Party, with a clear opportunity to bring forth real leadership, chose the worst of its contenders by this measure. It's time Americans took a stand.

It's time Americans took a stand against the rampant taxation of the federal government, and for reasonable, simple, and minimal taxation.

It's time Americans took a stand against bigotry and racism in all its forms, and for equal treatment under the law for all Americans.

It's time Americans took a stand against those who would destroy her, and for enforcement of her borders and real defense against her enemies.

It's time Americans took a stand against the government's socialist intrusion into every aspect of life, and for the liberty and freedom championed by those who came before us.

We must insist upon the repeal of Constitutional Amendments that have granted the federal government too much power in the taxation of the American people.

We must insist upon the repeal of all laws that do not pass Constitutional muster, and insist upon Congress bearing the burden of proof, prior to debate, that any proposed law is within the power of those creating it.

We must insist upon the repeal of all laws that favor one over another based upon race or membership in any other favored group of people, and insist that Constitutional Amendments be created and passed to permanently bar this practice in the future.

We must insist upon the recognition of individual freedom as the natural state of human existence, and begin to take seriously those freedoms guaranteed in our Bill of Rights.

In the spirit of federalism, all Americans must join the fight to end the socialist nightmare in which we live today. No longer can we be satisfied with the "two party system", which was useful when Republicans were willing to go to war to end slavery while Democrats preferred to let the states peacefully bring an end to that evil practice, with both parties still standing tall in defense of those rights guaranteed free people while trying to decide how to properly extend them to those deprived, yet deserving, of the same.

In this same spirit of federalism, I call on all Americans to reject the Demoratic and Republican parties and join a new party, likely to be named the Federalist Party after the party of Washington and Adams.

This twenty-first century incarnation of the Federalist Party will, however, recognize that the concerns voiced by the Anti-Federalists prior to the ratification of the Constitution have largely come to fruition. We must seek new and better ways of enforcing the limits placed upon the federal government, so that such abuses can be minimized in the future, and so that posterity will enjoy the liberty that the Founding Fathers and so many others fought and died for.

A platform is currently in the works, hopefully palatable enough for freedom-loving Americans to thrust the new party into quick prominence. It's all just a proposal right now (feel free to contribute ideas), but don't all who love freedom have a responsibility to defend it?

It's time.