RWR on Race and Gender  

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Since the Pennsylvania Primary, there's been a lot of scuttlebutt about whether people voted for or against Hitlery or SnowBama (thanks, MrM) because of gender or race. One article I recently read referenced "White Ethnic Catholic Males" (a classification I found in itself insulting as a Catholic male of fair skin color), who supposedly voted more for Hitlery not because she was any more favorable than SnowBama, but because they allegedly hated blacks more than women. What pure unadulterated BULLSHIT.

I didn't vote in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary for two reasons: 1. I'm registered to vote in New Jersey and 2. I'm registered to vote in Republican primaries for the time being (soon to be switching over to Libertarian or hopefully FEDERALIST) and voted for Fred Thompson in the New Jersey Republican Party primary. I will, however, say the following about how race would have affected my choice of candidate: It would have had no bearing on my decision whatsoever.

From a realistic standpoint, I vote for the candidate that best represents my beliefs, period. I have cast votes for purposes of trying to keep the REALLY bad candidate out, but have found those votes to have been of no consequence. When I choose a candidate, I look at his/her R&R (record & rhetoric), as I call it. If a black candidate or a female candidate best represents my beliefs, then that's where my vote goes.

So, you're probably asking - Yeah, ok Rocker. You go right ahead and name a black candidate for whom you would vote in a presidential election. I can name a few, actually. My first choice would be Justice Clarence Thomas. I'd also gladly cast a vote for Alan Keyes or J.C. Watts (despite our differences on a few issues). Dr. Walter Williams also comes to mind, as does Thomas Sowell.

OK, Rocker, how about a woman? There aren't as many, but I'd gladly cast a vote for Ann Coulter, Star Parker, or even possibly Condi Rice. Again, I'd look at the R&R and make my decision based upon that.

Notice at no point did I say I would vote for a black candidate or a woman candidate just because of his or her gender or race. In fact, two of the three women I mentioned as possible women I'd vote for happen to be black.

Nor does that mean I would vote for any of them simply because he or she was running. A Clarence Thomas run doesn't mean I'm automatically throwing his lever. It means I will consider him, and if he's the best for the job in my estimation, THEN he gets my vote. I only vote for the best candidate available, and if no one qualifies, I vote write-in. I NEVER leave the voting booth without casting a vote in EVERY category, and race NEVER enters into the picture.

So throw me into a group if you want. Honestly, I couldn't give two shits if Hitlery uses douche and Barack has a fro. They're both socialist dirtbags who want to take away more of Americans' freedoms, and neither is qualified. Were I to vote against one to keep him or her away, it would be SnowBama. They're both awful, but he's worse - and race doesn't figure into that, either.