McCain: Perfect Example  

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Here is a perfect example why I stand so strongly against the likes of John McCain. Out and about the blogosphere, you get McCain supporter after McCain supporter who says that McCain will appoint originalist judges and somehow get the government out of the health industry by increasing its influence (how that's supposed to work, I'm still trying to figure out). Of course, they love tell you McCain is a staunch supporter of Second Amendment Rights. Indeed, his own campaign site is loaded with statements you would think support the Second Amendment, but even there, you get foolishness like this:

He has supported legislation requiring gun manufacturers to include gun safety devices such as trigger locks in product packaging.
This amounts to making guns more expensive and inaccessible to people. Nice try, Jack, but that's not something that's going to fly as "supporting the Second Amendment". He even lies brazenly on the site. Check out this whopper:
John McCain opposes restrictions on so-called "assault rifles" and voted consistently against such bans.
I guess his 1999 support of a ban on "certain assault weapons" had to do with something else? He also voted YES on more penalties for violations of illegal gun and drug laws. Oh, and don't forget his association with anti-gun organizations.

A thought for you Republicans out there: In 1992, we heard these kinds of lies from a candidate presented by your opponents, and once he found his way into the White House, he just did as he pleased. Now, in the hopes of wooing members of your opposition's party into voting for your guy, you've chosen a candidate who votes like a Democrat, screws you like a Democrat, lies like a Democrat, and stands for much of the Democrat agenda.

Given lies like these and this guy's disgustingly consistent tendency to jump into bed with the Democrats at every turn (and to hell with what you think), what makes you think he's got any credibility on any other issue?

Hoping for a brokered Democrat Party convention just for the fun of it does have its merits, but without a brokered convention in our own party, we're doomed to four years of a Democrat in the White House no matter which of the "big three" gets there. As far as I'm concerned, this party has no future. It's just an extension of its so-called "opposition". No further evidence is needed given that the biggest of the "roll over on demand" Republicans has been chosen as its standard bearer.

The Donks offer "change". The Republicans offer "the change you deserve". Unfortunately, neither version of "change" is the one America needs. That change involves kicking both of those parties to the curb.