Not an Excuse ...  

Saturday, May 17, 2008

... but a reason.

I've been more or less quiet around here lately because of a new job in a new career. I do like it a lot so far, but it does cut into blogging time. I'm setting a new posting goal of two per week for the time being, and if I'm writing a big one like the recent Anti-Federalist posts (and there will be more of those), you can expect it to be less often.

Comments will still be up and available, and I will be able to hang out in the comment area quite a bit. I will also be working my way around more of the blogosphere commenting on other blogs. This usually does bring an increase in traffic, especially when there is a large readership at the place in question. There will need to be stuff for these new readers to read, so I will be trying to increase posting as I get better settled in at work.

Another thing I've been considering is bringing other bloggers on to help out with the load. I have a very specific concept in mind, though, so anyone who would want to participate would need to stick to the plan. Drop a line in the comment area and let me know what you think about this. I've kind of balked at this because of the way I think about the RWRepublic, but it may be a good way to keep new readers around while I'm so busy. Maybe it could just be done temporarily ...