Get Ready  

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

For the most BORING campaign ever.

Watching John McCain and Barack Obama work their asses off to out-liberal each other, all the while Barack attacking McCain for not being liberal enough and McCain refusing to fight back.

A couple of questions for you Republicans:

1. Given that John McCain won't stand up to a liberal scumbag like Barack Obama, what makes you think he'll stand up to terrorist scumbags like Mahmoud Ahmagaynutjob?

2. Given that John McCain promised to participate in Donk filibusters of conservative judges appointed by President Bush, what makes you think he'll appoint conservative judges himself?

3. Given John McCain's willingness to embrace the Left's "tax the rich" mantra, what makes you think he's got a clue when it comes to preventing the looming economic crisis?

4. Given John McCain's willingness to embrace the Left's moronic "environmental" policy, what makes you think he's the guy to get us back to drilling for and refining our own fuels here at home?

On the war, he's only a little bit better than Obama, and no better than Bush. On these other issues, he's basically Obama with white hair.

The problem in this country is that conservatives are all too willing to roll over and play dead when the Republican Party tells them to. A Democrat wins in the Republican primaries largely because of the MSM and liberals participating, and conservative Republicans take it right up the ass as if they are required to by law.

There hasn't been a Republican convention yet. John McCain is NOT the nominee. If conservatives don't do something soon, we're doomed to four years of a liberal in the White House who will destroy the party by going along with the libs and taking the blame for their failures. At least with Obama in there, the Donks would get to shoulder all of the blame. No chance of that happening. Americans aren't stupid like that.

I will NEVER vote for a liberal again. If you Republicans who are constantly bitching at me for refusing to support McCain want me to vote for your candidate, then you'll have to get a candidate for whom I will vote. It's as simple as that, and it's NOT too late.

Get on the stick.