I Tried  

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Emperor Misha posted a link to this site, which claims to want our input.

Sure didn't want mine.

So here's what I tried to say:

It's time for Republicans to make a decision, and the party's choice for a presidential nominee is not encouraging to this end.

Will this party become a bunch of Democrats advocating essentially the same policies and positions but with different rhetoric (as it seems to already have done), or will it become a party that conservatives can continue to vote with?

Having nominated its single worst candidate from its ranks available for President of the United States, this party has some serious soul searching to do, and I'm not at all encouraged by what I see. There are currently two major parties in this country, and both are advocating the same socialist crap that has been proven ineffective all over the world. Even China has begun to embrace capitalism, as we have been abandoning it. What the hell is going on? this party might as well merge with the Democrats for all that's happening in DC right now.

Watch for a truly conservative party, one that (unlike the two major parties) is loyal primarily to the Constitution, to take over as the party of conservative America. This party has failed dismally to champion the ideals of the Founding Fathers and Documents. Should such a party arise, look for me to be joining it. I, like a great number of Americans, am FED UP.

I left them a link to this blog. I wonder if they care enough to come see what I tried to tell them.