Maxwell Smart for President  

Monday, August 18, 2008

This is too funny.

Everyone who has spent more than five minutes here knows I'm no fan of John McCain, but this is just totally unbelievable. McCain snuck a "shoe phone" into the "cone of silence". Yeah, right on, Skippy. Keep on believin'! Yes we can!

Really. Exactly what did the Obama campaign think they were going to accomplish by having this weird sort of debate, hmm?? Is there any question in anyone's minds that it was to keep McCain from making Bah-Crock look stupid? Well, guess what? OBLAHma did such a good job of that all McCain had to do was simply AVOID looking stupid, which was quite easy.

McCain is a savvy politician - a VERY smart man. That's a huge part of the reason I won't vote for him. He can't possibly be that smart AND not know that what he proposes is blatantly illegal. And he's clearly not stupid enough to lose a debate to Barack OBLAHma.

After all, if we wanted a bumbling fool in the White House, we could easily just elect the most beloved bumbling fool America has ever known - and one that's no stranger to the shoe phone or the cone of silence:

Maxwell Smart
Secret Agent 86

Better than either of the losers we have running now.