McCain's VP  

Friday, August 29, 2008

John McCain sewed up the election today.

You don't need a link to know that Sarah Palin will be John McShithead's Vice President. Not running mate - Vice President.

I'm no fan of his, and I still don't think I'll be casting my vote in his favor, but there are a lot of conservatives who were waiting to see who his choice would be before making their decision. Couple that with the long stream of downright stupid moves his opponent has been making, and it's pretty clear that we're looking at President John McCain until January 2013 barring some strange twist of fate.


* Oblahma seeks alternate means of debating McCain due to his absolute incompetence off of the teleprompter, getting body-slammed so badly in the only "debate" so far that his supporters accused McCain of cheating, which despite all our dislike for McCain, we ALL know didn't happen. What makes things worse for Oblahma on this note is that this sorry-ass excuse for a debate took place ENTIRELY ON HIS TERMS! This guy's going to get CREAMED when he has to take the gloves off for the real thing.

* Oblahma chooses an old pinko geezer with over twenty years experience in losing presidential bids as his running mate. Worse yet for the Democrats is that Biden represents the second smallest state in the country geographically with only three electoral votes. Not that Alaska delivers any more with its three of its own, but Biden doesn't bring any voters to the table who weren't already voting for Oblahma.

* McCain, despite his being hands-down the WORST candidate the Republicans could have sent to the big show, has been doing and saying all the right things for quite some time. McCain's creaming of Oblahma in the recent "debate" and his choosing a running mate that represents a voting block that he doesn't are only two of the things that swing voters are going to be attracted to in this election.

Remember this: Most of America doesn't see yet what kind of damage Oblahma and McAsswipe represent for the Constitution. The voters that are going to matter in this election WILL be swayed by McCain's clear delivery vs. Oblahma's bumbling, and they WILL be swayed by McCain's strong choice of running mate.

I only wish Sarah Palin had simply run for President herself. She would have been a much better choice than either of the two shitbags running.

Palin '12? Possibly. She's got a few blemishes, but she's head and shoulders above McCain.

Stay tuned for the down side of Sarah Palin, just so you know.