Republicans: Growing a Pair?  

Monday, August 04, 2008

Michelle Malkin posted today about the Republicans' protest in DC regarding the Democrats' unwillingness to do what it takes to lower gas prices and bring about energy independence. The protest will continue today.

This in interesting because, let's face it, Republicans of late haven't really shown themselves to be much different than Democrats on any issue. They're for high taxes (just not as high as the Democrats); they're for high deficits and debt (just not as high as the Democrats); they're for socialism (just not as much as the Democrats); the list goes on. For once, could we have SOMEONE in Washngton stand up for something conservative?

So it seems someone has. I'm not all that surprised that it was the Republicans. After all, the Donks are SO far out there even my dog would be pretty sure it wouldn't be any of them. The antics described in Michelle's post and the links she provided really show the brilliance of this move, and the downright stupidity of the Democrats and what they are doing with regard to this issue.

If you lead, conservatives, the flip-floppers will follow.

Amen, Michelle. McCain and O-BLAH-ma have both flip-flopped on this now, and they will EVERY TIME we choose to lead. Let's do this with everything, especially constitutional issues!

Staging a protest is clearly taking a page out of the Democrats' playbook, and why not? Enviro-nutbags protested, and look what we got. Why not beat them at their own game?

The interesting part of all this is what it will do come November. My call is this: The more the Republicans hammer this issue, the more seats they will win, and the better the chances of seeing John McCain in the White House. Will they do this? Only time will tell, but there's enough of a clamor all over this country to fuel a landslide.

Of course, we'll need to keep their feet to the fire on other important issues as well. Do I see that happening? No. Sadly, Americans don't care enough about their freedom. Thank God they still care about their wallets, at least enough to be concerned about this.

I'll be doing my part.


Update 11:40: Well, not really. I just didn't want to have this post move away from the top just yet. It seems a KABOOM is in order. Story at The Rottie! Thanks Emperor! - RWR

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