Sarah Palin: Just So You Know  

Friday, August 29, 2008


* Sarah Palin is pro-life.
* Sarah Palin supports budget cuts.
* Sarah Palin supports traditional marriage.
* Sarah Palin supports capital punishment.
* Sarah Palin supports government education.
* Sarah Plain supports energy independence.
* Sarah Palin supports the Second Amendment.
* Sarah Palin supports competition in healthcare.
* Sarah Palin supports Socialist Security.
* Sarah Palin supports tax cuts.

Unlike many conservatives, I believe that lack of experience is an advantage. Luckily for McCain, Oblahma is squandering this advantage this election. The small number of positions this woman has taken makes it pretty easy to see where she's coming from.

As for Palin herself, seven of these positions are very strong positions, and her somewhat liberal healthcare position might still represent a positive change from what the two nutcases are proposing.

Could Sarah Palin be conservative enough to bring the Constitution to its rightful place as a forefront issue?

Something to think about, though I'll still most likely vote for Keyes, given that he has already made several attempts to do just that.