57 States Revisited  

Monday, September 15, 2008

Back in May, I gave Barack Oblahma the benefit of the doubt with regard to his foolish comments regarding "57 states". After all, it's easy to get tired and make mistakes speaking when you're campaigning as hard as he was back then.

Today I was perusing an interesting comment thread over at TownHall (which I will not link because of TownHall's penchant for censorship), and found a comment that suggested that Oblahma's slip may have had an actual source, and it's not pretty.

There are 57 states in the Organization of the Islamic Conference. If Oblahma was thinking about that, which is quite likely given that he wishes to kiss up to terror-sponsoring nations, then it would go a long way in answering some very important questions that have been on the minds of Americans for some time:

1. Why does this man openly advocate negotiating with terrorists?

2. Whose side is he on in the War on Terror?

3. To what degree will he actually defend America's interests in the aforementioned war, or for that matter, any international endeavor?

A long way, indeed. No more benefit of the doubt on this one, Mr. former Democratic presidential candidate.


h/t to MrMinority.