The Emperor's Tribute  

Thursday, September 11, 2008

As I was perusing the pages of the Rottweiler Empire, I came across one of the references to "LC & IB so and so", and somehow came to the stunning realization that His Highness considers these titles of considerable honor, especially the latter. It then occurred to me that the Emperor has himself used these terms in referring to your humble correspondent here at the RWRepublic. There's considerable pride in being able to say that the people who inspired you to do this have that kind of respect for you. It's a good feeling.

What isn't a good feeling is knowing that there are people out there gunning for you simply because you are free and insist on remaining so. What's even worse is when there are those, supposedly on your side, who insist that this is not a problem.

Emperor Misha paid tribute today to the fallen civilians and soldiers who gave their lives in this battle, either of their own accord or having been chosen by the perpetrators because they were easier targets than you and I. It's a long piece, but given the circumstances, a short one could never do it justice. I will merely link to his piece, because it will be much more important for me to read and reflect upon his words (which very often reflect mine anyway), and bring to the fore the tribute I've shown every day since it has been available.

He is, after all the Emperor.