Have A Little Fun  

Monday, September 15, 2008

If you 'd like to have a little fun with a bunch of stupid Donks arguing about why their candidate is getting his ass handed to him by a phony Republican who knows how to campaign, go read this.

I'm not going to be the one to tell them that the reason their canidate is losing has nothing to do with his choice of running mate, but rather his socialist views, inappropriate liaisons, and sheer foolishness when it comes to speaking and campaigning.

Sure. Bring on Hitlery. Or don't. Oblahma is toast in either case. What these people are missing is that the choice of veep wasn't an issue on the Dem side. Oblahma is an unacceptable candidate, no matter his choice. He was nominated so that the Democrats could continue whining that America is a racist country when he inevitably loses for reasons that have nothing to do with his race.

On the Republican side, however, it was clearly an issue. Many conservative Republicans actually waited for the announcement of the vice-presidential candidate to decide what they were going to do about their vote. Palin brought aboard a constituency that McCain didn't appeal to on his own, and Palin's beautifully rabid conservatism even had me reconsidering abandoning my support for Alan Keyes and voting Republican (and still may succeed). That's how powerful a choice she was. Her nomination as vice president has actually had me reconsidering the possibility of casting my vote for the man I have called "the single worst candidate the Republicans had available".

To President McCain's credit, since securing the nomination, he has largely made all the right moves and said all the right things, while his opponent has simply showed us all what a complete screw-up he is. I don't remember where or when I said it, but I predicted that if McCain kept his monkey-trap shut, Oblahma would hand him the election on a silver platter. He has largely done that, and for doing so deserves to win the election. Is he fit for the office? No. He is as much an enemy of the Constitution as Barack Oblahma. Still, he has put a defender of that same Constitution in a position of very serious influence - one who would be a better president than any of those who ran for the nomination, save perhaps Fred Thompson or Tom Tancredo; and a defender of the Constitution in the VP's office is better than none in either.

So far, my vote hasn't changed, but it's impossible to not see the shellacking that Oblahma is taking at his own hand. Even Walter Mondale ran a smarter campaign.