How Bigots SHOULD Be Treated  

Monday, September 22, 2008

On this post by the Emperor, KapitanLeutnant (a regular there) left the following:

Great-grandpa was a town constable in SE "Missourah," and during the Snivel Rights days a reporter from the St. Louis Compost-Dispatch came down to his county sniffing around for some good 'ol-fashion Southron Niggah-Wompin'. G-g and his cronies decided to goat-fuck the guy, so they gave this outrageous interview about how the local law enforcement "luvved huntin' down 'coons" and "let the dawgs chaw on 'em fer awhile." The SLC-D reporter ate it up and ran this huge story about Rural Racism and how Lynching Was Alive and Well in SE Missouri.

Well, within a week this whole gaggle of reporters from all over descended on G-G’s town, trying to "cover the story." G-G and his cronies (including Hizzoner the Mayor) held a press conference, showing off my G-g's prize pack of Redbones (he had 6 of 'em, all trained to come when he blew a cow-horn trumpet he had) and explaining the finer points of nocturnal raccoon hunting. As my G-g used to tell it, the whole crowd of reporters looked as though someone had "sprayed 'em down with a shit-hose." It was his favorite story, and I heard it many times as a boy at summer catfish fries on my grandpa’s farm.