McShithead Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot  

Monday, September 22, 2008

President McCain will not be able to truly win that title if he keeps this shit up. This campaign is going to be won by the candidate that does and says the fewest stupid things, and Oblahma is screwing up royally.

But when the amnesty bells toll, both candidates are on the same page and dead wrong, so why even bring the issue up? This is what I mean, Senator McShitbag, when I say you will win this hands down if you just keep your monkey-trap shut and let your opponent make all the mistakes. This was a major blunder on your part.

In all honesty, though, this isn't anywhere near a big enough deal to lose, since everyone already pretty much knows President McCain is pro-amnesty. His position pretty much matches his opponent's, so why not just let Oblahma be the one to remind everyone he's wrong? First bad move I've seen President McCain make in a while.

Would be nice to see both candidates go down in a puff of smoke and have a conservative win, wouldn't you say?