The Obama Quiz  

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just for fun, I recently took the "Barack Obama Test". The results were quite revealing, and should serve as a perfectly adequate answer as to why I will not vote for Barack Oblahma. I disagreed with Oblahma on 49 of the 51 positions asked on virtually every important issue facing America today. Interestingly enough, usurpation of the Constitution was NOT one of them. Still, disagreeing on 49 out of 51 positions works out to 96% of the time. How can an Obama supporter look me in the eye and tell me I should vote for this clown?

What was even more revealing (and I'm going to catch hell from the liberals about this), was how both Mr. Oblahma and I compared to other Americans on these issues. I never considered myself "mainstream", but mainstream America is with me a whole lot more than Barack Oblahma. Maybe we ought to put more energy into this Federalist Party thing.

This is probably why I have such a good read on what Americans think. After all, most Americans think just like us conservatives (well, maybe not quite as conservative as Sage - sorry buddy), and Republicans are hardly "right-wing extremists", because they, like the Democrats, are to the LEFT of most Americans. But why, then, did the Republicans wind up with their most liberal candidate on the ticket?

The answer to that is simple. McCain won the nomination by campaigning largely in states that had high turnout of "independent" voters and democrats that would be allowed to vote in the Republican primaries. Were it not for this strategy, we would be looking at President Mitt Romney or possibly even Fred Thompson. We'd definitely be looking at Thompson if the primaries were held nationwide the same day - something I strongly advocate.

Still, President McCain has been able to woo conservative voters with his choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. Say what you want about Sarah Palin, but it cannot be denied that she has put liberal democrats into a complete tissy. She is being attacked left and right by them, and for petty stupid shit that is going to stick like butter sticks to a hot teflon pan, and mainly by feminists who should be glad a woman is rising to high office. There's a reason feminists hate Sarah Palin as much as they do: she's the final nail in the coffin of their foolish socialist philosophy. Their hemming and hawing is showing the world that they're not for women rising to high officed; they're for socialist women rising to high office. All others can go to Hell as far as they're concerned, along with their precious Constitution.

Oblahma had been in trouble for some time before the Palin choice was announced - serious trouble. The more America got to know about him, the more America knew he wasn't right for the job. Even conservatives who don't support President McCain are lining up to vote for him just to keep Oblahma out of office. That's how bad he is. Add that to his being an exceptionally stupid campaigner that makes ridiculous decisions like Joe Biden for a vice presidential running mate, and you put McCain in a position to just sit back and let Obama make the mistakes.

For all my disagreements with John McCain, including my statement that I would NEVER vote for him, it cannot be denied that he has run one of the smartest campaigns we've seen from a Republican since Ronald Reagan. Shame there's no chance whatsoever he'll govern like Reagan, unless he's got the same fear of the Vice President that the liberals have.

I was very sad to learn that I was "mainstream", by the way. I have prided myself on being a right-wing extremist hell-bent on reviving the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. Turns out that the rest of America wants to support the Constitution as well, but doesn't agree that it's in the same degree of trouble that I think it is. It is, however, encouraging to know that the Constitution does live in the hearts of Americans, and that Americans outside of New Jersey are likely to stand up and fight when they realize what is going on.

It also goes a long way in explaining how I can correctly predict so many things about Americans. After all, they think just like I do. That's not so bad.