Sarah Hits Hard  

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thanks to Hawk, we have some good footage of some highlighs from Vice President Palin's Convention speech.

Inspired with his deeds? Umm ... when you're talking about his deeds in Vietnam, John McCain's deeds were nothing short of heroic. When you're talking about his deeds in the Senate, they've been nearly treasonous.

Still, with Mrs. Palin on the ticket, and with McCain saying and doing all the right things (along with Obama and Biden making utter fools of themselves), the McCain/Palin ticket is destined to win in November. Not a beautiful thing, but not likely to be quite as bad as the nearest alternative.

Unfortunately, the nearest alternative is even less deserving of my vote than McCain, so I'll still be casting my vote for a conservative presidential candidate, and taking a wait-and-see approach to Mrs. Palin in the hopes that her track record of chasing shitbags out of town will extend into her time in Washington. If it does, I will vote for her at the top of the ticket.

And yes, she does look AMAZING with her hair down. Thanks, Mrs. Palin. You've shown us true strength of character AND beauty, all wrapped up in one (hopefully good) vice president.