Uncle Joe-Joe's Reign of Terror  

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The comments in the blogosphere are getting better every day. Yesterday KapitanLeutnant at The Rottie on racism, and today MartinHale at RightWingNews on Joe Biden:

I've said it before, Biden is like that uncle (every family has one) who's either crazy or drunk, or maybe both, that everyone tolerates at the family get-togethers 'cause he's family and he's kind of charming in an off-beat way. That is until he walks into the living room one Thanksgiving with his pants around his ankles, swinging his dick in a circle like an airplane propeller and making zooming noises. Nana Grendelmeyer faints; a half-a-dozen other women rush out of the room screaming and Uncle Joe-Joe's reign of terror has officially come to an end in that family.
Hopefully the censors don't cut it out. It was perfect.