Why Not Just Stay Home?  

Monday, October 13, 2008

I come across this concept quite a bit in my travels about the bogosphere - that somehow voting for a third party/independent candidate is the same thing as not voting at all, voting for the opposition, or less desirable than just not voting.

I came across this most recently at Michelle Malkin's blog, where a commentor responded to my suggestion that people consider voting for Alan Keyes with the following:

What’s the difference between voting for Alan Keyes or Bob Barr, for that matter versus not voting at all?
My response was simple:
The difference is that you are casting a vote in favor of someone who more closely agrees with your ideology. Not voting at all is saying either that you approve of whomever wins, or that you have no ideology to contribute.
It just makes no sense not to vote at all, and I believe that my liberal friends out there will agree. If you don't like what the big boys are offering, vote for the little guy instead. Staying home only sends the message that you either don't care, or that you have nothing to contribute, which is bullshit for most people. EVERYONE has something to contribute.

So don't sit it out, people. Vote for McCain if you think that's going to get you where you want to go. Vote for Oblahma if it suits you. Third party or independent? Fine. Vote for Reagan, or even yourself if you must. Everyone should consider his vote a STATEMENT. If your statement is nothing, then that's what Washington, Trenton, etc. hears - nothing. Every vote counts, even if you think it may help the opposition. Your vote must support your beliefs.

So don't sit out ANY election. Not this one, the next, or any after that. Even a liberal would tell you that, even if they wanted you to stay home.