Catching Up ...  

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Things got really busy at work really quickly.  That's why things around here have been quiet, other than some really interesting discussions in the comment area.  There have also been some new readers coming on over the last couple of months, so I figured this morning I would drop a line in to make sure any newcomers have an idea how I go about posting.

For everyone's information, the way I go about posting is simple: When I have some time and something to say (and, of course, access to an appropriately connected computer), I blog. Sometimes that works out to a lot. Sometimes it doesn't. My original every-other-day pattern just isn't holding up of late, but when I get a chance to post, it's often a large burst of opportunity where I can post quite a bit.

Another FYI: I've started the wheels in motion for another blog, which is currently (9:45am today) up but doesn't have Haloscan comments available yet. It's at What I want to do there is get a group of bloggers together to post things that are relevant to what Sage might call "the expansion of federalism", as well as any progress towards properly organizing conservative factions into one coherent unit (which I currently call "The Federalist Party") that will be able to defeat liberalism, socialism, communism, etc., a task at which the Republicans have not only dismally failed, but have instead joined the opposition in implementing their evil plans. America must resist, and without getting everyone together on the same page, she will continue along the current path of complacency that will ruin the vision of the Founders. Please drop a comment on this post, or after comments are properly enabled, the current post at FPB, if you'd like to be a part of that project. Your email address will be required, but will be deleted from your comment upon request.

Now it's time to do some much-needed work on the house and possibly some lurking in the blogosphere (definitely a little work on the other blog). Have a great day!