Oblahma and McLame Take Note  

Monday, November 03, 2008

Michelle Malkin posted this letter she received from a first-time voter who recently became naturalized as a US citizen. Both the Republicans and the Democrats, and more importantly their presidential candidates, should read and take heed:

Dear Michelle,

I came to this country in 1959 from Sweden when I was 14 years old. I married at 19 and my husband and I have raised 4 daughters. The youngest one now 26. I finally got up the courage to take the citizens test 3 years ago, and to my amazement it was the easiest test I could imagine, way too easy. This is the first presidential election I will get to vote in. I came from a socialist country, albeit raised into the light. It is a far cry from the perfect image described so often! Their health care system should be the first to be examined as it would discourage most intelligent voters. I live in Seattle, Washington, where the Canadian government sends some of their citizens for health care because they cannot provide for their own citizens. Where do you suppose this country is going to send its citizens? Mexico, Venezuela, Honduras? No, our citizens will be entered into a “most profitable to save” category. It exists in every socialized health care system in the world. This issue alone is enough to send a chill down my spine.

Add that to what is happening with the media around Obama and I’m wondering what country I live in! What will happen to you and others out there who promote the open truth if Obama wins? Time will tell and something tells me I’ve lived in the best of times in the USA already and the worst [will] be coming soon?

The best political cartoon, and perhaps the only good one I have seen so far is one of Obama leading a flock of sheep to the “Fleecing” factory and one sheep saying to another, “Well, it’s a change!”
Not a thing like what a good friend and Oblahma supporter recently said to me...
Rocker, I hope you don't ever get really sick.
Honestly, if this is what I will have to deal with, I hope I don't, either.