Voting RWRecord and Election Day Advice - 11/08  

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I generally post my votes here for reference sake, just so people know how I voted. Only an idiot or a newcomer would have to try and figure out why. This blog is largely about who I would and would not support as a leader and why. Anyway, here is how I plan to vote today, probably in the early evening:

President/Vice President: Alan Keyes/Brian Rohrbough (AIP)

US Senate: Jason Scheurer (Libertarian)

House of Representatives: Dale Glading (Republican)

County and locals as I see fit. I doubt anyone would find my local votes interesting or relevant. Suffice to say I went as conservative as possible, including write-ins for all three open Township Council seats.

State Question No. 1 involves an amendment to the State Constitution requiring voter approval for state borrowing through bond issuances - Yes.

State Question No.2 involves an amendment to the State Constitution removing judicial selection from Constitutional authority to statutory - No.

So now for a little advice for Election Day...

First of all, just go to the polls and vote. Don't talk to exit pollsters or anyone else about your vote. It's your business, and none of theirs. Your vote (and for that matter your motivation for voting as you do) is a private matter. I always get a kick out of how these idiots are able to project this or that based on what a bunch of people told them at the polling place, as if half of them (or more) even bothered to say anything at all. Plus, they have no way of telling who's telling the truth or who's pulling their leg. If one of these clowns ever approaches me (and they never have, which is why I know this "exit polling" stuff is a load of crap), I'll simply make them answer all of their own questions, and then walk away without giving answers of my own. Actually, not really. I'll just walk away with a simple "no".

Second and lastly, once you've voted, go home and watch the same show you always watch on Tuesday. Skip the news. Skip the debate shows. Skip all of the election coverage. It's all bogus anyway. Besides, there's nothing going on in this election (or any other, for that matter) that's more important than time with your family and friends. It takes mere seconds to vote and mere minutes to get to and from the polling place. Do your civic duty and get about with your life.

We've done what we've been able to do from the soap-box, today we speak at the ballot box, and if he who would be President takes things too far, then we go next to the catridge box. From the looks of things, we may need to go there sooner rather than later. Neither one of these scumbags has a record deserving of the office. Remember that the Second Amendment is the one that guarantees all the others. Use your rights wisely, and defend them to the death.

Again, in the meantime, shut up and vote. Then go take on the day.