Winners and Losers - November, 2008  

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Work has been busy - that's a good thing. Unfortunately, it cuts into my blogging time when I wind up on the road, which is what has been going on the last week or so. I've done what I could to get stuff up here, and I don't think I've done too badly. That's why posting has been light, and it may be still for a while.

That being said, I have what I think is a pretty interesting take on this week's election. Many predictions came true, one of which was that if the Republican were to lose, he would do so gracefully, while the Democrat would kick and scream until he was forced to shut up by the courts, as has happened with the sore losers of both 2000 and 2004. More important, though, is my list of winners and losers in this election.

My prediction that did not come to fruition was John McCain winning the election. Honestly, I did not think he was going to win because he had anything special to offer - if he did I may have considered voting for him myself, which I did not do. What killed McCain was his inability to handle a crisis. A big selling point of his campaign was that he would handle a crisis better than his opponent. Well, both of these candidates were serving as Senators when Fannie and Freddie crashed, and what did McCain do? The same thing Oblahma did. He supported a massive bailout in true socialist fashion. Not only that, but he panicked and ran off to Washington, cancelling campaign appearances and even a debate, giving the impression that running off to DC to help craft the latest socialist ripoff was not only more important than his campaign, but was the right thing to do, instead of letting the free market do its job by letting these bad businesses fail.

So here are the winners and losers from this week's election:


The conservative movement.

This election showed yet again that a Republican cannot win an election without conservatives. John McCain's liberal track record turned many conservatives off to his candidacy from the beginning, and only the choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate gave him any hope of getting even some of them back. It almost worked, too, until McCain showed he couldn't be trusted in a crisis any more than Obama.

Conservatives are now holding all of the cards. If the Republican Party wishes to endure, it will now have to embrace conservatism. No conservatism - no Republican Party. There are other options, and conservatives would be wise to explore them before deciding to keep their eggs in the Elephant's basket.


To a degree. Before today, I felt more strongly about this, but the news of Obama bringing a prominent Jewish American into his cabinet has lessened my feeling. Furthermore, I would like to congratulate Obama for making that choice, as it shows the terrorists that they won't be influencing him to the degree they had thought. In any case, the terrorists were bound to be winners in this election, because neither candidate was any more serious about winning the war than President Bush.

Not too many winners, as you can see. Now for the losers:


John McCain.

And it's about fucking time. This scumbag has been winning all manner of stupidity from amnesty for illegal aliens to socialized education to repealing the First Amendment. His track record on originalist judges, guns, taxes, and just about everything else would make your typical Democrat proud. My advice to John McCain: If you're going to act and vote like a Democrat, then go join their fucking stupid-ass party.

The Republican Party.

This party wins decisively when it champions conservatism. The last time we had anything like that at all was 1994. For President, you have to go all the way back to 1984. For too long, this party has ignored the recipe for success, and this ignorance has now cost them what should have been an easy victory.

It's time for the Republicans to do some soul searching. Do they want to be the party of fiscal responsibility, or do they want to be Democrats? Do they want to be the party of personal responsibility, or do they want to be Democrats? Do they want to be the party of capitalism, or do they want to be Democrats? Do they want to be the party of freedom, or do they want to be Democrats? Do they want to be the party of the Constitution, or do they want to be Democrats?

Even when we got to vote for conservatism back in 1994, what happened to our conservatives after they got to Washington? They became Democrats. If we're going to have Democrats in office, then we might as well vote for them outright. John McCain? Please. This is a guy who's been on the wrong side of the aisle at all the wrong times for twenty-plus years, and the Republicans make him their standard bearer? Again, if you're going to nominate a Democrat to run on your ticket, why not just vote for the Democrat and be done with it?

Barack Obama and his supporters.

Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

Now that the election is over, we are hearing the MSM asking the question, "Who is Barack Obama?" Why wasn't this question asked months ago? Why are we only now getting some semblance of coverage of who this man is? Think about it. The reason is simple: If people knew then what they know now, this man would never have had a chance - even against traitor McCain. Furthermore, many of us were shouting the truth from the mountaintops, but people chose not to listen. Well now EVERYONE has to listen.

Obama and his supporters are perhaps the biggest losers of all in this election. Promises made, promises believed, and soon, promises broken. Barack Obama cannot deliver the majority of what he has promised. Even if he had gotten a filibuster-proof Senate, Americans would have stood up and said NO to much of Obama's agenda when it became apparent what would be involved.

So now you have a bunch of people who believe that they no longer have to worry about paying their mortgages or buying gas for their cars. They believe that Barack Obama is going to take care of all of that. I don't even remember Obama promising that, yet somehow they took such foolishness from his rhetoric. This is the saddest part of it all - people thinking that this guy, who despite being very well-off, lets his relatives abroad live in poverty the likes of which no American knows, is somehow going to take care of everything that could possibly be going wrong in everyone's life.

I wish I could say Obama and his supporters have won a huge victory, but I really can't. He made so many empty promises that people imagined he made even more, his agenda as set forth during his campaign is largely going to be rejected by the American people, and as a result, he may become the first president to serve four full years with "lame duck" status. Obama could achieve a lot over the next four years if he would govern as a conservative, but I doubt that's going to happen. The Chicago political machine simply won't allow that.