Bailout Thoughts ...  

Thursday, December 04, 2008

And thoughts that should be thought before anyone decides to throw the law under the bus yet one more time in the name of "saving the economy".

Total amount requested for GM/Chrysler/Ford bailout: 35 billion US Dollars
Total US National Debt: 10 trillion US Dollars

Now let's look a little more closely at what this means.

First of all, the bailout request is the TOTAL requested by ALL THREE major US automakers. The national debt is the US government's debt ALONE.

Consider this scenario: Three guys decide they're down enough on their luck to try and get some help. So they go to another guy who is in 285 times worse shape than they are COLLECTIVELY, and ask for a loan.

Now if that's not stupid enough to get you pissed, try THIS bullshit on for size: Instead of doing the fiscally and morally responsible thing and telling these three guys that he simply cannot afford to loan them any money, he actually CONSIDERS giving these guys a loan.

Wait. That's not all. Not only does he actually conisder offering these two fiscally irresponsible guys a loan when he's 285 times LESS responsible, he actually DEMANDS that they demonstrate that this loan will make them "economically viable".

Talk about balls.