Obama To Do Something Right  

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I always said that what Barack Obama does right, I will give him credit for. Well today, Rush reported that as President, Obama will supposedly decriminalize marijuana. This information did not come from Obama himself, and I do disagree with Rush's position on the matter, but if it's true, it's one thing that we freedom-loving folks can point to as something positive that Obama will have done.

Yes, I know this isn't the position of a typical mainstream conservative, but there are many conservatives who believe that this is an area the government should never have gotten itself mixed up in, and that it will be good for America to get the government out of it. The less the government is involved in ANYTHING other than what it's supposed to be involved in, the better.

And no, I've never used marijuana, either. Not even once. Didn't inhale. Didn't even willingly put the stuff near my face to inhale. In fact, just being near the stuff literally makes me hurl (I have been around other people using it). That doesn't make illegal government intrusion into the lives of those who do use it right.

So today we can say something positive about Obama. Now can we see the legal papers the courts have demanded we be shown? How about it, Barack?