Trenton Stomps on the Second Amendment - AGAIN  

Monday, January 05, 2009

This is bullshit.

For electing these felons, New Jersey voters should be jailed. Just go down the list of everyone who votes YEA on this and get the voting records of everyone in the state. A vote for any of these losers should get the voter some jail time. Enough is enough.

New Jersey could soon become the fourth state to limit handgun purchases to one a month, a move aimed at fighting "straw" gun buyers who purchase weapons legally and pass them to criminals.

It's aimed at fighting innocent people who don't want to become victims of crime, especially the kind of crimes that are consistently being committed onthe people of New Jersey by the ever more corrupt politicians in Trenton.
The plan, backed by officials in Camden, Newark, Jersey City and other cities, follows calls from urban leaders across the nation, including Philadelphia, to crack down on gun trafficking that they say fuels violence.
As if officials in these cities have any clue how to fight crime. Just look at the murder rates there. Would YOU want to be roaming the streets of South Camden without packing heat?
There is much debate over whether such laws work, however, and opponents say a limit would infringe on a constitutional right in a state that already has rigorous screenings for gun buyers.
You want to know if these laws "work"? Just look at the crime rate in places like Camden and Newark. It doesn't get much more restrictive than it already is in New Jersey.

And yes ... in a state that already has rigorous ILLEGAL screenings for gun buyers.
Gov. Corzine, who sponsored a similar plan in the U.S. Senate, has said he will "absolutely" sign the bill into law if it reaches his desk.
There aren't many governors more corrupt in this country than Jon Corzine. The guy is as deep in the pockets of organized crime as Blago.
"How many guns does somebody need to purchase in a month?" Corzine asked.
With Corzine in the Governor's Masion, as many as somebody can get his hands on. Where exactly does this asshole get off assessing the defense needs of others? It's none of his fucking business.
Only California, Maryland and Virginia have one-gun-a-month restrictions. South Carolina had a similar law for nearly 30 years but repealed it in the face of criticism that it had proved ineffective.
Typical socilaists. Prove something ineffective, and they want more of it. Is it any wonder conservatives are pissed?
Gov. Rendell called for a one-handgun-per-month measure in Pennsylvania, but it was blocked. Philadelphia approved its own version and saw it struck down in court.
Good for those who blocked it - and even better for the citizens of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania as a whole.

As it is in this state, there are already so many of these stupid laws that the Second Amendment might as well have been printed on toilet paper.

Get ready for more of this, too, as the very Republicans and Democrats that Americans trust to make good laws have no respect whatsoever for the law. If they did, they wouldn't thumb their noses so obnoxiously at this, the single most important law in this country.