A Beer With Barack  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

So Barack's going to tip a few with Sean Hannity.


Of course, Sean's invitation has been there for some time - ever since Barack basically asserted that people who like to listen to Sean Hannity wouldn't want to have a beer with him, but hey. Better late than never.

Maybe Sean can make some headway in convincing this socialist nutbag that there is another way of looking at things that isn't automatically wrong just because it isn't socialist. I can think of a number of things Sean might bring up in the conversation ...

But after some thought, I think the simple act of opening the dialogue is an excellent first step for Mr. Obama, and I think Sean is just the guy to open the door. This is not to say that I agree with Sean on everything, but in these difficult times those of us who support the truths that make this country great will have to stick together and debate out own pet issues later. Strong ex-Republicans like Sean and Rush already have the public ear, and just getting Obama to listen to a conservative on a social level may very well be the "foot in the door" we need.

So my advice to Mr. Hannity is this: Have that beer. Talk about whatever you want. Most importantly, see what you can do about making this audience with Barack a regular thing, so that he can get an earful about each and every screw-up he makes (perhaps starting with this stupid stiffulus bill and all the talk about the next version of the censorship doctrine), as well as input as to what the real solution is. Bottom line: Get the wheels of trust moving.

Not that I believe for a minute that Mr. Obama intends to listen to a word anyone to the right of John McCain has to say, in fact it's highly likely Sean's going to be lectured about this and that, but Sean is no slouch in an argument. Regardless of how you feel about him, you know there's no way he's going to let anyone get the upper hand with bullshit.

On that same note, I think each and every one of us needs to sit down with our favorite liberal and have a beer. Not to talk about politics or straighten them out, but to show them just how stupid their foolish excuses for leaders are when they put out all those malicious lies about the kind of people we are.

Let's make it happen!