A "Dying Blog"  

Monday, March 30, 2009

By May this site will be non-existent. - (spelling corrected) 11/24/08

It's been said that this blog will be dead in a year. - 1/20/08

I think this is a dying blog. - 3/17/09
These are all things that showed up during the last four-plus months in the comment area of this blog.

Now I'm not really one to gloat over my numbers, because this blog has always been more a hobby than anything else, and I really don't care who reads and who doesn't. I do hope that there are people interested in my wisdom, and I'm finding more and more comfort in the fact that there are.

I used to consider 1000 hits in a month a big deal, but it's happened every month since September, and only three months have come up short of that number since last May. Over the last year, my absolute worst month traffic-wise still produced over 500 visits, which was about what I was doing before anyway.

So yeah, in the wake of liberals gloating over their idiot getting into the White House by coming here and predicting the demise of the RWRepublic (all the while helping to kick my traffic just a little higher MUAHAHAHA), I do believe I'm entitled to a little gloating of my own.

So here's to everyone, liberal and conservative alike, who has contributed to the great increase in readership over the last seven months at this "dying blog". It is your support that makes the RWRepublic so powerful, and it's your support that will make this revolution the resounding success that it will be. These are the time that try men's souls. Only the strong will survive, and the RWRepublic shall be their rendez-vous point.

The Revolution is being televised! (Thanks Sage!!)