Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some weeks ago, I came across this comment over at MichelleMalkin.com.

On April 8th, 2009 at 1:04 pm, Regulus said:
Perhaps the greatest sin in modern liberalism is to be guilty of hypocrisy. Most of the time when libs play “gotcha” games on conservatives, they’re trying to portray their target as a hypocrite.

Lost on all of them, however, is that a self-serving and blatant double standard is the ultimate expression of hypocrisy. By getting selectively indignant about others’ hypocrisy while being selectively indulgent of their own, they end up in the ridiculous position of being hypocritical about their hypocrisy.

You name it, and libs have a double standard for it:

- Filibusters by Republicans = an abuse of power; filibusters by donkeys = an exercise in a cherished Senatorial tradition.

- Deficits under Republicans = fiscal irresponsibility; triple-deficits under donkeys = an investment in our future.

- Warning of the dangers of terrorism = playing on our fears; terrorizing the public with horror scenarios of supposed economic catastrophe unless we pass a “stimulus” bill without even reading it = being proactive.

- Comparing Republicans to Nazis and Fascists = “speaking truth to power”; Questioning the Dear Leader’s policies = racism.

- George Bush visiting the troops = a cynical ploy to divert attention from his failures as a president; Hope-a-Dope visiting the troops = a master-stroke of politics and public relations.

It wouldn’t be so tiresome to deal with today’s liberals if they were consistent in their principles: a thing is good or bad in itself no matter who does it. But liberal hypocrisy makes that impossible, and ultimately produces people with no principles at all — only present-moment tactical positions that can and do reverse themselves on a dime.
I believe Rgulus is mistaken to equate Republicans with conservatives here, but it's amazing how Domecrats treat Republicans as if they were anywhere near conservative. It's an ingenious strategy that keeps both parties in power:

1. Portray people only slightly less liberal than yourselves as "conservatives" or even "extremists" so that people will be discouraged from voicing a truly conservative opinion.


2. In doing so, give them enough name recognition and financial opportunity that real conservatives believe the only way to secure power is through the Republicans.

There's much more to it, but that covers the lion's share.

There is a serious flaw in the strategy, though, and that's this: You can't call anyone anything much worse than what the Democrats already call their Republican accomplices now. Conservatives that make the push for power aren't going to be called anything worse than what the Republicans are now being called, nor will they be faced with anything worse than the Donks and Phants unifying to keep them down. That's nothing new, either.

Conservatives DO have a fighting chance.