Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's been just over three years since I posted anything serious regarding religion, and even then it was a little "heretic". This morning, however, I found something special in the Gospel of John that I hadn't thought of before, and considered posting it here.

Every sermon I've ever heard regarding the reaction of the disciple Thomas to the news of Christ's resurrection seems to focus on us as believers who have not seen. One rather funny one involved the Pastor asking a few kids in the congregation if they would believe him if he told them he had a bunny under his vestments, then going into a whole "seeing is believing" discussion which ended with him pulling a bunny from under his vestments. You don't forget something like that in very short order, as it creates a memory that forever remains part of you and your life experience.

Today's sermon was no exception. It focused yet again on the concept of us as believers who have not seen. But I found a different perspective in the story today. I thought of all the evangelicals who set about bringing everyone they know to their faith, or to Christianity in general, and how many doubt because they haven't seen. Some come along eventually, while others do not. Still, isn't the real lesson of this gospel in the way Jesus actually deals with Thomas? Isn't the right way to confront those who disbelieve, for whatever reason, the real benefit of this story?

Think about it. We conservative bloggers show liberals the truth every day. If it's not me posting the truth, it's Misha or Ol' BC or Michelle Malkin or Moonbat Monitor or Delfts. The list goes on, and day in and day out, the liberals refuse to believe the truth, largely because they cannot conceptualize freedom and its importance in the success of the human spirit. There will be those who come around, and those who do not. Thomas came around, but scores of others did not. What is important is that we showed them, and that is the real lesson in the story of the Doubting Thomas.