Updates: Tea Parties and Lonegan  

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hey all!

I've been doing my part around the house and the blogosphere over the last week, and haven't been up to posting. There are some awesome developments that I've been following this week, and I really do need to take a minute to bring you up to speed. So, in no particular order ...

I. Tea Parties

A relatively new reader of ours invited me to a Tax Revolt Tea Party this past weekend, and I was unfortunately unable to attend. Despite my not being a person who does this sort of thing, I do believe I would have gone, just because it makes sense in this situation.

You see, liberals understand the language of protest demonstrations. They also know that conservatives don't pay protesters to come in and do their work for them, and that if a conservative protest has, say 500 people, that it's the equivalent of a liberal protest of a couple thousand. Even a small protest against their beliefs fills them with terror.

The MSM's reporting will always be skewed in favor of the liberals. For example, 2001 protesters will be reported as "over 2000 protesters" at a liberal rally, while at a conservative rally, 400-500 protesters will be reported as "over a hundred protesters". This has been the case for as long as I've been around, and the West Chester News Journal was no exception to the rule. Thank God for blogs.

Here are some good links about the Tea Party this past weekend in West Chester, PA:
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Thanks to Trish for the report and the links. Oh, and don't forget to wear your tea bag on the 15th for the nationwide protest!

II. Lonegan Sets Record

Not only did Steve Lonegan set a new record for the number of signatures filed in petition for placement on the ballot, but he presented more signatures than his opponent Chris Christie and incumbent Kleptocrat Jon Corzine COMBINED! Check this out, from the Lonegan campaign's email newsletter:


TRENTON -- With nearly 7,000 additional signatures filed on Monday afternoon, Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan has a total of 11,220 grass-roots voters signing petitions to get him on the ballot.

More than 300 volunteers in all 21 counties gathered the petitions. 432 booklets were collected.

That's more than 3,000 signatures greater than the number submitted by Chris Christie, a former Morris County Freeholder and U.S. Attorney and nearly 1,000 signatures more than both Christie and Governor Jon Corzine COMBINED.

"This record number of signatures shows I do not need the stale party machine to win this election. We’ve built our own party structure of men and women from all kinds of backgrounds focused on putting taxpayers first, not padding their pensions or getting a fat government contract," Lonegan said.

"My organization of fed up taxpayers will take me to victory in both the primary and also the November election regardless of what the party hacks do in the fall," Lonegan, the former three-term Bogota Mayor said. "By building my own team, I won’t have to rely on the people backing my opponent today in the primary in order to win in November."

"All over New Jersey people are responding to our conservative message of lower taxes and smaller government. This is just the beginning; we’ve got the momentum we need that that will send us to victory in the Primary, and send Jon Corzine to the retirement he so richly deserves in November," said Lonegan.

"Every day more and more people are realizing that the real story in 2009 is the Lonegan for Governor campaign, and our signature gathering effort -- a record for our state -- proves it," the conservative candidate added.
Now before you go jumping up and down about me supporting a Republican (which I don't do lightly anymore), check this out, from politickernj.com:
Conservative Party willing to shut down to help Lonegan win GOP primary; national party chairman slams NJ group


"The reason I take this action is because in these times of great economic turmoil, it is vital that all of us do their part to see to it that the best man for the job gets elected. I believe that Steve Lonegan is that man. His record of service as Mayor of Bogota, and then as Executive Director of Americans for Prosperity-NJ has shown him to be a true champion for the taxpayers," said Spinosa. "The prosperity, the solvency and the security of our state can only be served by nominating him in the primary, and then electing him as our Governor this November."

The Conservative Party is NOT some semi-conservative substitution for the Republican Party. It is a truly conservative faction with great ideas and the willingness to stand up for what is right. If the New Jersey Conservative Party is telling people to change their voter registrations to Republican in the interests of helping Steve win, and even going as far as to suspend operations for this campaign, says a lot about both the Party and Steve Lonegan (regardless of what the national party bosses have to say).

This man will bring about the kind of change New Jersey needs. Maybe once that task is completed we can send him to DC to be president so he can fix that mess as well.

For information on the Lonegan campaign, go to www.lonegan.com. This blog has been pro-Lonegan from the get-go, and will continue to be until Mr. Lonegan shows himself to be something other than the patriot he's shown himself to be over the course of his career. At that point, it will be praise for good and punishment for evil just like everyone else. Heck, it's that way anyway - he's just doing all good things right now.

Go Steve!