Justice Thomas Weighs In on the co-called "Fairness Doctrine"  

Thursday, May 07, 2009

According to WorldNetDaily:

Thomas is questioning the viability of Supreme Court precedents dating back to the 1960s, long before the explosion of media sources beyond radio airwaves.

"The text of the First Amendment makes no distinctions among print, broadcast, and cable media, but we have done so," Thomas noted.

"It is certainly true that broadcast frequencies are scarce but it is unclear why that fact justifies content regulation of broadcasting in a way that would be intolerable if applied to the editorial process of the print media."
Well duh.

Why are we now getting to this? How in the world did AMERICANS get to the place where this discussion even needed to be had? Freedom of Sppech is a GOD-GIVEN RIGHT. There's no abridging that in the name of some phoney bullshit notion of "fairness".

Kudos to Justince Thomas for taking a stand.