Ten Good Reasons to Vote for Steve Lonegan  

Monday, May 18, 2009

From the Lonegan campaign:

Monday Morning, 10:00 am

Dear Friend,

In the Second Gubernatorial Debate, candidate Chris Christie said he would create a "red-tape review group" to help him "see what kind of mess Jon Corzine left us with." Then, in answer to a subsequent question, Christie commented, "I went to law school because I'm bad at math and science, so 1 to 10 is a little difficult for me."

Following is a list of 10 problems that Mayor Steve Lonegan already knows the people of New Jersey are confronting:

1) The New Jersey economy has been decimated by the Christie-supported progressive income tax.

2) New Jersey is losing high-paying jobs to neighboring states.

3) Small business owners are saddled with onerous taxes and regulations.

4) Taxpayer dollars are diverted to fund abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

5) On the advice of a Christie advisor, the state's pension system is now nearly bankrupt.

6) A bloated state government inhibits citizens from rising to their best possible potential.

7) Suburban taxpayers are forced to fund their own school districts as well as others.

8) Law-abiding citizens in New Jersey are deprived of their Second Amendment Rights.

9) Home rule has been effectively obliterated by un-elected bureaucrats in Trenton.

10) An unaccountable State Supreme Court has become the most powerful branch of government.
I really don't need these ten reasons to vote for a non-establishment candidate. Chris Christie might as well be Arlen Specter, for all the good he's done for the state. We are long beyond the point where any kind of "red-tape review group" or "blue-ribbon commission" would be of any benefit. How much would this group get paid out of taxpayers' pockets to tell us what we already know?

New Jersey is in the tank, folks - and not because of some unknown phantom. The problem is liberal Republicans and Democrats and the people who vote for them. Yes, I did say that - the people who vote for them.

Americans, including New Jerseyans, must begin to understand that they are responsible for the behavior of those they choose to elect. Vote for the candidate who screws up royally, and YOU are to blame for his shortcomings as an official. These votes must be taken seriously. Honestly, did conservatives voting for McCain stop Obama from getting in? Was there any way at all someone that liberal in ideology was going to present much of an alternative?

Americans need to take their own votes more seriously. You don't vote LOTE when there's a perfectly good candidate available. When Alan Keyes is available, you don't vote for John McCain. Screw the money his party is throwing at you. In the end it's the tally that decides the winner, not the money spent.

Steve Lonegan is the best candidate I have seen for any office in my memory. Should he win and deliver what he promises, he will be the best governor New Jersey has had in that same memory. A man of his strength and willingness to stand both for what is right and against what is wrong will also make a great President of the United States.

Should Steve Lonegan not be the victor in the Republican primary, folks, I WILL be writing him in come November. It is my responsibility as a voter and a New Jerseyan.