Pat on the Back from a New Reader  

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A new reader, Christie from Connecticut, left the following in my guestbook this week:

I can't believe I haven't come across your site before, but I just had to stop in and say, "Kudos". I discovered you on the Michelle Malkin post about the infamous Playboy "hate f**k list". What particularly impressed me was your defense of RSS's comments when it was clear his argument was being misinterpreted.

As a conservative woman who lives in the blue state of Connecticut, discussions of a political or religious nature are rarely pleasant experiences. I found your arguments with people on both sides of the issue to be extremely well-written and fair-minded.

It was so refreshing! Thank you!
I have always been fair-minded, folks. If a liberal is being assaulted unfairly, I will defend him. This isn't about who says what. It's about what is said or done, and whether it is right or wrong.

What was happening here was that "RedState Skeptic" was rightly saying that "hate sex" may include rape, but also includes actions which are not rape, while our Republican friends insisted that rape and hate sex would be exclusively synonymous, even as RSS gave a clear, understandable, and most importantly, legitimate example of what he was talking about.

So, for defending him, I became a target, and was even said to be "not very in sync with how women think or feel".

Of course, last I checked, Christie was a woman ...