In Memoriam: PeanutButterPoet 1973-2009  

Saturday, July 04, 2009


It should not be considered normal around here to include a tribute such as this to a reader, but today a good friend was lost to an untimely passing.

I met PeanutButterPoet (a name that I gave her for her addiction to peanut butter and her wonderful ability to express herself through poetry) in an Internet game room eleven weeks ago this very day. Getting to know her was a wonderful experience, though the story of her life seemed very sad, having lost her husband three years ago in military operations in Iraq, and raising her two sons on her own with the help of family members. There was much about this person to love, from her loyalty and dedication to her family and the rabidly conservative ideals she espoused to her soothing voice and wonderful sense of humor, not to mention an outward beauty that I would only be privileged to know through pictures. When she learned of the RWRepublic, she immediately became a loyal reader, and even left a comment or two.

This spring, she was blessed to have survived a nearly fatal head-on collision with a drunk driver. However, complications from the accident claimed her life during the wee hours last night. She is survived by two sons, ages 14 and 5, as she joins her late husband, our hero, at the Lord's side.

So, tearfully, I bid farewell to one of the best friends the RWRepublic has ever had. I consider myself supremely blessed to have had the opportunity to know this wonderful lady who was taken from us in such an untimely fashion. Our friendship, however brief, will always be among my most cherished experiences. My love and prayers go out to all others whose lives she touched, especially those dependent upon her love for their survival and well-being.

Otherwise, I am completely at a loss for words.