No Town Hall Meeting? BULLSHIT!  

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Here's what to do if your Representative won't hold a Town Hall Meeting!

Press Release
Citizens Invite US Rep to Her Own Town Hall Meeting

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, A community town hall meeting will be held Aug 25 at 6:30 p.m. at the Council Tree Library in Fort Collins. The only thing missing from this meeting might be Northern Colorado’s US Representative, Betsy Markey (D-CO).

After numerous unsuccessful requests to receive Markey’s town hall meeting schedule Kelly Trosper, a Fort Collins resident, and several of his frustrated friends, have taken the unusual step of scheduling a town hall meeting on behalf of Markey — and inviting her to speak.

“With the August recess nearly half way over, we can’t wait any longer. When other Reps across the nation are adding extra meetings, we still don’t have a schedule from her. This is a forum to discuss urgent topics, to include Health Care reform. We’re having to set one up ourselves, because our Rep isn’t making herself available,” says Trosper, who hopes she will attend.

In case Markey doesn’t attend, the group will have a video of the proceedings delivered to her along with letters that come via email to

Trosper and his friends are calling their grassroots effort the Northern Colorado Townhall Committee, and have set up a Web site for other community members awaiting information,

Trosper says the Northern Colorado Townhall Committee’s objective is to provide a forum for community members to discuss what is important to taxpayers in Northern Colorado.

“If she won’t put together a town hall for us, the folks of Northern Colorado who elected her to represent our views to D.C., we’ll put one together for her.”
Now THIS is how America is SUPPOSED to work!

I can't say enough about Americans finally waking up to the goings-on in Washington, DC. I hope this continues, and for along time to come. Socialism MUST be stopped, and it must be stopped NOW.

So far, the Revolution is being televised ... on FOX NEWS (hopefully Murdoch will continue to see the profitability of the truth) ... but sooner or later the rest will have to come along.

It will be unavoidable.

You go, America!